NeuroMarket’s social project UADamage and Neo-Eco Ukraine have announced a partnership

? The tool automatically consolidates data on damage to buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, and nature. Satellite images provide the level of damage to each building by comparing images from before the war to today and classifies it into four categories (objects which are totally, extensively, minorly destroyed or have no visible damage) for an accurate view of the destruction.

↪️ According to Vitalii Lopushanskyi , founder and CEO of UADamage “UADamage‘s mission is to rebuild #Ukraine after the total destruction of buildings and infrastructure by the invaders. By joining efforts with Neo-Eco Ukraine, we have successfully combined artificial intelligence technology and the recycling of construction waste, establishing a bridgehead for large-scale reconstruction in a short period of time”

↪️ Bart Gruyaert, Project Director with Neo-Eco Ukraine added, “UADamage‘s accurate and up to the minute reports and our accompanying circular economy model will ensure that authorities and NGOs can channel funds and efforts where they are needed most, providing accountability with a data-driven, area-centric approach.”

??UADamage and Neo-Eco Ukraine hope that this collaboration will become a blueprint for the future reconstruction and restoration of damaged infrastructures and buildings in #Ukraine.

✅The first results of a study of the #Mykolaiv region will be presented publicly in June.