Who We Are

Neo-Eco Ukraine

Neo-Eco Ukraine, a partner company of Neo-Eco France, was set-up in May 2022 and has a dedicated team of eleven people in our offices in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, and Lille (France). We bring 15 years of expertise in industrial engineering solutions for waste recycling and advise companies on the creation of circular economy loops and know-how in the recovery of used materials, eco-design, and the setting up of waste and recovery channels.  

Our mission is to offer new lives to used materials, with a simple vision: A world without waste.  

Neo-Eco Ukraine is a circular consultancy company that studies the production of an organisation’s used materials in a transversal manner, in order to anticipate flows, characterize materials and develop solutions that will allow them to be reinjected into the territory in an operational and efficient way. 

We propose CSR consulting, territorial, industrial, and recycling engineering, and the development of eco-products. We have vast experience in major infrastructure works, urban renewal plans (deconstruction and construction) with eco-materials, the recovery of dredged sediments, low-carbon solutions, and support for the management of used materials and waste. 

The many benefits of adopting a circular economy approach include reducing the use of raw materials, energy and transport requirements and costs, a decrease in the use of landfills and the development of local jobs and industry.  

The on-going war has resulted in hundreds of millions of tons of construction waste in Ukraine due to the destruction of thousands of civil and social infrastructures. This debris includes numerous materials such as concrete, glass, PVC, and bricks, but also hazardous materials like asbestos.

There are only two ways of managing this construction waste: Either recycle the waste to produce new building materials, or dispose of it in landfills, resulting in an environmental disaster in the future.

Neo-Eco Ukraine is committed to sharing its experience in implementing circular economy methodologies with Ukraine to help the country benefit from recycling construction waste, using an area based, data-driven tools.  

In addition, we take a holistic approach to the circular economy, including civic participation, capacity training, job creation and community regeneration into our projects. helping Ukrainians to build back their country greener and better than before for generations to come.   



Founded in 2008 by Christophe Deboffe, historically based in Lille, France, Neo-Eco has gradually expanded nationally and internationally. 

Neo-Eco works with local authorities, local public bodies, cities, property developers, infrastructure managers and manufacturers to implement innovative, pragmatic, and operational circular economy solutions that reconcile the environment and the economy over the long term.  

Since 2008, they have developed more than 500 eco-materials. These are materials that include used materials in their manufacturing process, while respecting traditional usage standards thanks to wide-ranging skills and long-standing partnerships with industrial partners and universities. We develop technical solutions which we then insert into a local value chain, bringing economic and environmental benefits. 

Since its creation and in line with company values, all profits are reinvested in new project development or the funding of university research projects. To date, Neo-Eco’s R&D projects have resulted in 19 spin-off companies working on solutions such as asbestos recycling, low-carbon binders, soft pollution control, the creation of green roofs and car battery regeneration.  

Neo-Eco’s work has been recognized and rewarded by a number of national and European awards:

ellen macarthur foundation logo GOLD ecoproduct from the Ellen McArthur Foundation
Réseau Entreprendre logo Réseau Entreprendre winner 
BPI France logo BPI France’s “Excellence” award
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 

Neo-Eco is currently managing approximately 300 projects in France and in 21 countries abroad, including: 

  • Infrastructure works for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Paris Airport Group, Canal Seine-Nord Europe, and the Grand Paris Express  
  • Recovery of debris from the Port of Beirut following the explosion in Lebanon in 2020 and initial discussions about assistance in Turkey after the earthquake 
  • Recovery of excavated earth and asbestos waste for the construction of a metro in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast 
  • More than 300 innovative deconstruction-reconstruction projects in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Algeria, Andorra, and the French overseas departments 

Today, Neo-Eco is a team of over 50 committed and passionate engineers and project managers, working towards our common goal of a world without waste.


Ukraine Resilience

Ukraine Resilience logo

Ukraine Resilience adheres to the principles in the World for Ukraine, Ukraine Focus and CSIS “Code of Conduct for Organisations Operating in Ukraine”. 

Ukraine Resilience is Neo-Eco Ukraine’s registered charity foundation (Registered Charity Number: 45101493), which finances, and project manages certain green reconstruction and community regeneration projects in Ukraine. Ukraine Resilience is sensitive to the values, religion, customs, traditions, and culture of the Ukrainian communities we serve. In addition, Ukraine Resilience operates a strict code of conduct, which covers: 

  • Transparency (with recognised third-party external auditors) 
  • Organisational management and diversity 
  • Accountability  
  • Rigorous standards of practice 
  • Independence 
  • Zero-tolerance for corruption 

You can find out more or donate to Ukraine Resilience here: ukraineresilience.com.ua