Our Partners and Donors

Neo-Eco cooperates with Ukrainian and international organisations and foundations, donors, governments, mayors, and communities to implement green projects for the sustainable ecological and societal reconstruction of the country.  


Mission East

Mission East Logo

Mission East is a Danish non-governmental relief and development organisation, operating in 11 countries in conflict prone or hard-to-reach locations. Mission East is one of the first Danish organisations to be certified Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) compliant in 2017, reflecting is strong commitment to quality aid and accountability. Mission East is one of 18 organisations in a Strategic Partnership with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mission East and Neo-Eco Ukraine share a joint office in Mykolaiv. 

The two companies are currently collaborating on several projects, including a damage assessment report and macroeconomic study, which will allow the local market to develop its potential to produce much needed construction materials. This study is a part of a larger partnership whose aims range from planning to the efficient and sustainable execution of Mykolaiv’s green reconstruction   


Leroy Merlin Solidarity

Founded in autumn 2022 to help Ukrainians rebuild damaged housing and social infrastructure, the Leroy Merlin Solidarity foundation is an important donor in the restoration and reconstruction of war-damaged homes. 

With funding from the Leroy Merlin Solidarity Foundation, Neo-Eco Ukraine completed a project to dismantle four buildings in the “Military town” of Hostomel using the principles of circular economy and recycle construction waste into new construction materials. 



UADamage logo

UA Damage’s objective is to provide Ukrainian authorities and citizens with the latest, accurate data and visibility to advance reconstruction efforts, by processing satellite images with a neural network pipeline. By comparing land and buildings before the war with the current situation, and using a classification system, this data will become a key decision-making tool for local authorities, NGOs, and other interested parties to take informed decisions about the rebuilding of Ukrainian communities and infrastructures.  

Neo-Eco Ukraine and UADamage are collaborating to use this cutting-edge technology across a variety of sectors including green reconstruction, agri-food, and demining solutions.  




Thanks to a grant from the Children’s Resilience Fund in Ukraine, and with the financial support of the UBS Optimus Foundation to improve the living conditions, education and protection of children, our Ukraine Resilience charity has launched the project “Design of a dual-purpose shelter created by children in the Mykolaiv region”. This programme, including creative workshops, is implemented by Crown Agents International Development (CAID) and UBS Optimus Foundation in partnership with Crown Agents in Ukraine.  



Ro3kvit Logo

Bart Gruyaert, Project Director with Neo-Eco Ukraine, is an active member of Ro3kvit, a Ukrainian-based coalition of over 80 professionals from Ukraine and beyond who united their efforts to develop knowledge and methodologies for rebuilding Ukraine’s urban and rural environment and infrastructure.

The NGO was founded in 2022 in response to the massive destruction caused by the invasion. Through design and research, the coalition addresses urgent needs raised by stakeholders now and connecting them to future strategies. Fuelled by studies on other (postwar) countries, Ro3kvit is developing new, future oriented urban design methods, co-creative organisation, and sustainable development. All experts have experience in developing projects in Ukraine or in a post-conflict planning. At least 50% of the team members are Ukrainian experts. Among them are researchers, designers, policy advisors, educators and their expertise includes architecture and housing, urban and regional planning, post-war recovery, culture and heritage and the economy. 


New European Bauhaus

In June 2023,  Neo-Eco Ukraine, via its charitable foundation Ukraine Resilience, became an official partner of New European Bauhaus by fulfilling the criteria of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion.

By leveraging our green and digital challenges to transform our lives for the better, the New European Bauhaus invites us to address complex societal problems together through co-creation with citizens, experts, businesses, and institutions together to reimagine sustainable living in Europe and beyond.

Neo-Eco Ukraine will be working with fellow partners and other organisations to enrich the initiative and co-create more beautiful, sustainable, inclusive living experiences. 


Creative Folkestone

Creative Folkestone and Neo-Eco Ukraine are exploring the use of art and creative placemaking in partnerships to help regenerate communities in Ukraine