Neo-Eco Ukraine with Mission East, visited the head of the Shevchenkivska rural community

“It is heartbreaking and despairing to see the extent of the destruction and to know that it is people’s long-time home that is now in ruins. This is where Mission East helps people regain their dignity and faith in the good in the future.”-, says General Secretary Betina Gollander-Jensen.
The Neo-Eco Ukraine team and our colleagues from the international organization Mission East, visited the head of the Shevchenkivska rural community in Mykolaiv Oblast, Mr. Oleh Valeriyovych Pylypenko. During the meeting, we discussed the needs and possibilities for reconstruction of the community.

Mr. Pylypenko showed us a bunker that could accommodate up to 90 people when the fighting was at its peak, but now houses a woman, Svitlana, and a war veteran, Dmytro. Both have been living underground for the 18 months after their homes were destroyed. Svitlana, set up a large dining room table for us. She herself was wounded in the leg by a shell, but did not even feel it as she was helping her fellow villagers. She found out only when others noticed the blood. Svitlana is one of the ordinary heroes Mission East and Neo-Eco Ukraine wants to help.