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Neo-Eco Ukraine leverages 17 years' experience in recycling construction waste into new building and eco-materials using circular economy methodologies, helping to rebuild Ukraine ecologically, economically and efficiently. Our sustainable approach preserves the environment, creates local jobs and regenerates communities. Our dedicated team of engineers and project managers work in our offices in Kyiv, Mykolaiv, and France.

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The circular economy is a regenerative system where products, materials, and resources are reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and recycled, creating a sustainable cycle that minimizes waste and promotes environmental conservation. More than a process, it's a new way of living.

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Example Projects

Design of a dual-use shelter created by children

Location icon Mykolaiv
"This project is giving children an opportunity to demonstrate their skills, ability to communicate and work in a team. Online learning is depriving children of live communication. Parents are therefore very grateful for the psychological help and the the creative atmosphere which allows children to socialise and design. The project has had such an impact that some of them have already chosen their future careers, and even become interested in recycling"
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Pilot circularity project in Hostomel

Location icon Hostomel
Our initial circularity pilot project started in Hostomel, the symbolic northern suburb of Kyiv, which showed extraordinary resilience despite massive destruction at the beginning of the invasion.
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Pilot “Rubble cleaning by veterans” programme

Location icon Mykolaiv
Neo-Eco Ukraine is collaborating with Mission East to implement a social approach to circular economy projects, by prioritizing vulnerable groups such as veterans, who are in desperate need of post-traumatic healing.
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Our mission is to accompany Ukrainians to build back a better Ukraine





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Neo-Eco Ukraine carries out select non-commercial and humanitarian work via its Ukrainian foundation, Ukraine Resilience. We would like to thank our donors including:

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