Our Mission and Values

At Neo-Eco Ukraine, our aim is to accompany the rebuilding of a greener Ukraine by Ukrainians for Ukrainians. We adhere to a Code of Conduct (CSIS) which guides us in all our dealings, but above all, we are driven by:  


At Neo-Eco Ukraine, passion is more than a word. We believe that when passion infuses everything we do, it transforms ordinary tasks into extraordinary achievements. It’s the driving force behind the enthusiasm that fosters meaningful connections with Ukrainian citizens, local authorities, clients and international partners and donors. We are passionate about embracing challenges and exceeding expectations. Our passion not only defines our work, but also creates a vibrant and inspiring workplace, where creativity flourishes and our team is empowered to transmitting our knowledge about the circular economy and making an impact in the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine.  


Transparency is of particular importance in Ukraine today and the cornerstone of the Neo-Eco Ukraine ethos, guiding all our interactions and decisions. We believe in openness, honesty and integrity across areas of our business. Our culture of transparency adds to trust between our team members, clients, partners, and donors. Neo-Eco Ukraine is committed to sharing information openly, whether it be about our successes and challenges, and we actively encourage feedback from all stakeholders. This commitment to transparency allows everyone to be well-informed which leads to collaboration and understanding, in an environment where information flows freely, ideas flourish and accountability is paramount. Neo-Eco Ukraine embraces transparency and aims to create an honest, inclusive, and authentic environment built on trust and mutual respect.  


Innovation is at the heart of our activity, driving our quest for novel solutions and helping to shape Ukraine’s sustainable future. Our ecosystem of technology and research partners allows us to offer the most suitable tailor-made solutions to help our clients, partners and communities move towards a world without waste.  

We embrace the spirit of creativity, pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted technical and business territories. At our core, we believe that innovation isn’t just a goal; it’s a mindset, a way of approaching challenges with fresh perspectives to find inventive solutions. Our team is empowered to think beyond conventional limits, encouraging bold ideas and nurturing a culture where curiosity and experimentation thrive.  

By making innovation a fundamental value, we remain at the forefront of our industry and inspire and advocate for sustainable change. Moreover, at Neo-Eco Ukraine, we aim to share our knowledge and expertise in a transparent way to drive the green agenda across Ukraine.  


Neo-Eco Ukraine holds integrity highly, defining who we are and how we operate. We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards to ensure that every action, decision, and relationship is grounded in honesty and fairness. We are unwavering in our commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsibility. We honour our promises and are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethics in all our practices, dealings, and relationships in our quest to ensuring the responsible and sustainable recycling of construction waste and embracing a greener future and contributing to a more sustainable Ukraine. 

Neo-Eco Ukraine is always looking for new talents to join our passionate, diverse, and supportive family. If you share our values, embrace a career where innovation and ideas are valued, and where your potential finds its purpose in bringing the circular economy to Ukraine, please send your cover letter and CV to Bart Gruyaert bgruyaert@neo-eco.fr