Pilot circularity project in Hostomel


Our initial circularity pilot project started in Hostomel, the symbolic northern suburb of Kyiv, which showed extraordinary resilience despite massive destruction at the beginning of the invasion.  

In September 2022, we signed a memorandum of understanding with the support of the Governor of Kyiv Oblast and the French government, represented by Mrs Catherine Colonna, French Minister of Foreign Affairs in September 2022 to commence the pilot project of sustainably deconstructing four destroyed buildings. 

In addition, we have independently demonstrated that after detailed analysis and testing, the materials recycled from the war debris in Hostomel, including sand, crushed stone and slag are suitable for further use such in reconstruction. This project alone This project alone has avoided the emission of thousands of tonnes of CO2 compared to traditional liner economy deconstruction and recycling techniques.  

At the beginning of 2023, Neo-Eco Ukraine successfully demolished the buildings in record time, with a proven recyclability rate of 90% of the 50,000 tons of deconstructed rubble  

Moreover, the dismantling and sorting of waste created 20 additional jobs over three months compared to a traditional construction site and no waste was deposited in landfills, thus avoiding 7,150 m3 of uncontrolled dumping in nature and associated soil and groundwater pollution.

Neo-Eco Ukraine is proud to have completed these keys steps in its landmark project in Hostomel, showcasing how the circular economy and its benefits can be applied during the invasion and throughout the reconstruction of Ukraine.